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manufacturers of specialty and precision glass products for industrial and scientific applications. We offer a wide range of precision OEM glass and quartz components, custom fabricated for scientific instrumentation and Opto-Electronics. Over six decades of experience has uniquely positioned Andrews Glass to meet the increased demand for stricter tolerances and tighter control of processes and product quality.

Custom Fabricated Glass Products

Glass engineering know-how, extensive manufacturing capabilities and skilled artisans provide a unique resource for prototypes, short runs, or mass production of specialty glass products. Typical applications are: Analytical Instrument Components; CO2 Laser Components; Electro-Optical Envelopes (Vidicon, X-Ray, CAT, PET); Latex Dipping Forms; Critical Flow Monitoring; Ozone Generation; Photoionization Detector (PID) Lamps; and much more. Capabilities include: precision bore tubing; glass-to-metal seals; engineering assistance, and problem solving experience. A precision finishing work center combines grinding, honing, polishing, and lapping to ensure accurate finishes.

Sale Sale Laser Glass Components

Midi-Distillation Systems Pressure Reaction Vessels Photoionization Detection (PID)
Fully Integrated Lab-Crest® Midi-Dist™ Distillation Systems Save Space, Time, and Money in Laboratory Testing and Analysis. Replace costly macro distillation techniques with the compact, fully integrated Lab-Crest Midi-Distillation Systems. Click here to learn more. Our complete line of Lab-Crest® Pressure Reaction Vessels is now available online. Visual observation of a pressurized system is one of the major advantages of Lab-Crest® glass pressure reaction vessels.
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We manufacture the world’s most efficient Photoionization Detection (PID) lamp products. Our quality is backed by our comprehensive warranty. We stand ready to help you or your customers.
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